Yi Nationality, People of Fire

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 Yi Nationality is the largest ethnic group living in Yunnan. They scatter widely across southwest China, especially in Sichuan as well as the middle and western Yunnan’s mountainous areas. They
 Yi Nationality is the largest ethnic group living in Yunnan. They scatter widely across southwest China, especially in Sichuan as well as the middle and western Yunnan’s mountainous areas. They live on farming and hunting, and have created language, script and calendar of their own. Yi cuisine features salty, aromatic, spicy and pungent flavor. Mutton is their main source of protein. Typical cooking methods involving roasting, stir-frying and braising. Milk cake and chicken are highly recommended when you visit a Yi village. Rice wine is the most popular drink of Yi people, just like tea to Han Chinese. 

Yi people celebrate a multitude of festivals such as Torch Festival, Tiger Dance Festival, Chahua Festival and Saizhuang Festival, their fashion competition and Valentine’s Day. Yi New Year Festival is very grand also, which occurs in the tenth lunar month.

Yi people adorn black and yellow color and they are born singers and dancers. To outsiders, their Taicai and Left Foot Dance are most captivating and memorable. If you cannot wait to unravel the mystery of Yi culture, I strongly suggest you visit Yiren Ancient Town, but if you want to get involved with the locals and experience the more primitive and authentic life, then consider Chengzi Ancient Village, where you can see the daily life of Yi people and their distinctive folk residences called Tuzhang House.
Religion: Nature worship and ancestral worship
Distribution: Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture(Sichuan Province) Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture (Yunnan Province)
yi nationality

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