Left Foot Dance (左脚舞)

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 Enjoying a history of over 1000 years old, Left Foot Dance is the most popular and influential dance of Yi people, which is honored as the Living Fossil. Left Foot Dance originated in Mouding County(牟定县)of Chuxiong, and is performed during grand gatherings such as March Fair Festival. Featuring unrestrained nature, Left Foot Dance splits into four tunes.  Love, harvest, praising the beauty of life and show hospitality are its main themes. The best place to see Left Foot Dance is Lvzhi Town(绿汁镇), which is 44km southwest of Yimen County(易门县城) and 120km from Kunming (the capital city of Yunnan province). Jan 16th or March 27th to 29th (lunar month) will see tens of thousands of Yi people flooding in. The sheer beauty of the richly-clad crowd is a visual spectacle already, let alone to mention their fantastic performance.
yi nationality left foot dance
yi nationality left foot dance
Left Foot Dance of Yi people

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