The Extremities of Dong Costumes

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The most ancient festival attire of Dong people is Xindi clothes, which is used during Guzang Festival or Reed-Pipe Dance Festival. The top is left side opening, long-sleeved gown, which goes well with dress decorated with white feather. The dark fabric of Xindi clothes is embroidered with snake pattern, which is gorgeous and mysterious. 

The most ancient festival attire of Dong people is Xindi clothes, which is used during Guzang Festival or Reed-Pipe Dance Festival. The top is left side opening, long-sleeved gown, which goes well with dress decorated with white feather. The dark fabric of Xindi clothes is embroidered with snake pattern, which is gorgeous and mysterious. 

The most luxurious attires of Northern Dong people are seen in Baojing Dong Village of Zhenyuan. Their right side opening and collarless tops are trimmed with blue patchworks. To ensure consistence and harmony, trousers are made from the same fabric and trimmed with the same patchworks. Apron, the centerpiece of the whole set, is embellished with eye-dazzling embroidery, thus is especially eye-catching. They often wear two to three silver bracelets and silver earrings.
Dong girls in Baojing area of Zhenyuan wear the most luxurious attires.

 The most typical summer attire of Southern Dong people can be found in Guandong Area of Congjiang, Guizhou. Their ancient hairstyle and embroidered white top as well as dresses can evoke our nostalgias feelings. 

The most representative male Dong attires can be found in Huanggang area of Liping County, southeast Guizhou. 

Dong girls in Gaozeng Area of Congjiang County wear the most numerous silver ornaments.
Dong girls in Shuikou area of Liping County wear the shortest dress among all Dong people, which just reach the upper middle section of their thighs. These trendy girls also wear embroidered aprons slightly longer than these dresses, leggings with light blue ribbons as well as hand-made embroidered shoes.

The heaviest silver bracelet: Dong girls living in Jiuping County wear bracelets weighing over 700g, which is the heaviest silver bracelet of its kind in China, which are engraved with auspicious patterns such as phoenix, dragons, insects and flowers.

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