During the past centuries

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During the past centuries, a visit to Sama Temple is mandatory prior to wars, hunting, building a road, constructing a house, leaving hometown to work, ect. When disagreements arise among couples, neighbors and villages, as well as when a child fell ill and a disaster occurs
During the past centuries, a visit to Sama Temple is mandatory prior to wars, hunting, building a road, constructing a house, leaving hometown to work, ect. When disagreements arise among couples, neighbors and villages, as well as when a child fell ill and a disaster occurs, both man-made or force majeure, the kind-hearted Dong peasants will turn to their Sama Grandmother for help, support and solution.
Sama Festival of Rongjiang County(榕江侗族萨玛节)

On A: Sama Festival of Rongjiang County(榕江侗族萨玛节)

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