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 Taicai(跳菜): Taicai is a culinary entertainment combining acrobatics, music and dance. During grand occasions such as wedding banquet, two servers will make a debut by carrying dishes by hands and h
 Taicai(跳菜): Taicai is a culinary entertainment combining acrobatics, music and dance. During grand occasions such as wedding banquet, two servers will make a debut by carrying dishes by hands and heads. Accompanied by folk music, cheering yells and warm applauses, the first man will carry one plate by head and salute others in ancient Chinese etiquette named Zuo Yi. His fanciful steps and challenging stunt will lend a feeling of suspension into the air. The most thrilling part, however, is to observe his partner who will carry three plates containing eight dishes respectively by hands and head. Taicai could be the only one of its kind in the world; hence, if your visit coincides with this performance, can you afford to say “No” to it?
taicai dance yi nationallity
taicai dance yi nationallity
taicai dance yi nationallity

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