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 Rather than inquire “ni chi le ma?” (have you eaten?), or present you a cup of tea or rice wine, Tujia people show their hospitality by setting off a special iron cannon which can produce deafening sound. If they run of out iron cannon, a hunting rifle will make a fair substitute. Hearing the voice, all the villagers, old and young, will throng into the entry to greet you. The master will prepare Oil Tea, a popular snack named Ciba (Glutinous Rice Cake baked to adopt a golden color and filled with sugar and honey ) and load their tobacco pipe for you. During the banquet, you are expected to eat and drink like a hungry ghost. Swallow big chucks of meat and drink cupful of rice wine continuously won’t be prejudiced; in contrast, they will feel very happy.  (click to read Top Nine Sensational Customs of Tujia people)
tujia people oil tea tujia people oil tea
1 Oil Tea is Tujia people’s national drink,
  to prepare this delicacy, fried tea, rice noodles and soybean are mixed with well-cooked and minced bacon and tofu and corns.
tujia people oil tea tujia people oil tea
Sprinkled with ginger and scallion, they will be poured with hot soup. Several minutes later, a palatable treat is born. Oil Tea can repel coldness during winter and refresh during summer.

Tujia people seldom treat guests with dog meat. As to the number of dishes, three, seven and eight and nine are avoided. It is a taboo to cross your legs in front of the senior. Without permission, you cannot go into the maters' or their daughter’s bedrooms. On dining table, you should place chopsticks neatly along the bowl after the meal rather than perch them vertical or cross them into a “X”.

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