Thangka exhibition held in Lhasa

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Bright, beautiful, and Buddhist - Thangka scroll painting is not just an aid to worship but a cultural treasure. This exquisite artform came to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa.

A visitor takes photo of a Buddhist - Thangka painting with his cell phone. [Photo/] 


Bright, beautiful, and Buddhist - Thangka scroll painting is not just an aid to worship but a cultural treasure. This exquisite artform came to the Tibetan capital of Lhasa.

The 170 pieces on display embody a range of Thangka styles.

Thangka is typified by ink line drawing, and painting in vibrant colours. But it can also appear as weaving or embroidery. In any case, completion can take months or even years of complicated work.

"The exhibition is beneficial for the development of Thangka culture. I'm glad that I can contribute something of my knowledge to others," said Dingga, Thangka expert.

The origins of Thangka can be traced back a 1,000-years, and China lists the artform as a treasure of intangible cultural heritage.


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